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Watford projected to grow to population of 9,700

By Jack Dura
Farmer Staff Writer

Having grown exponentially to over 7,000 people, Watford City is bound for nearly 10,000 residents by 2023, a comprehensive new study says.
In its six cities impacts forecasting study, AE2S examined growth, needs and the future by 2023 for Dickinson, Killdeer, Stanley, Tioga, Watford City and Williston based on oil prices of $50/bbl early this year, growing to $70/bbl by 2020.
Of the six energy cities, Watford City is poised to grow the most, projected at 5.7 percent growth through 2023, or 9,739 residents by then, up more than 2,400 people from now.
AE2S’s forecasts aren’t exactly a surprise to city officials, but the study highlights trends and needs to be met as Watford City grows to near 10,000 people.

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