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Area Blogs

Area Blogs

Photo by Beautiful Bakken

Photo by Beautiful Bakken 

Voices of Watford

A dynamic video website that tells the story of Watford City through the eyes of our residents

Intersection Journal

A photojournalist perspective on the area

Oil Goes Boom: Betsy and the North Dakota Frontier

One woman's perspective on her new life in Western North Dakota

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Watford City Native, columnist and singer/songwriter reflects on what it means to be home again 

Boomtown Diaries

A rurally located teacher and farmer shares her perspective on life in her familiar, but changing landscape.

Beautiful Bakken

Insight. Inspiration. Incentive to visit the region. Beauty is all through the Bakken Region.

Bakken Black
Maine native and mother of two takes talks about her experiences in the Bakken. 

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My fiancé and I bought 5.2 acres here and have built a house…our business is doing well. We can't imagine leaving our friends we've made here. It's one of the most welcoming communities I've ever moved to.

~ Samantha Utshall

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