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Madly in love with the Maah Daah Hey
January 22, 2018
Have you ever loved something so much that you would walk 200 miles for it? Through heavy brush? With a push mower? Nick Ybarra has.

"It was here that the romance of my life began." —Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was often given to waxing poetic about North Dakota's Badlands, and it’s easy to see why. The earth rises and plummets in sepia folds that form dramatic buttes and canyons, dotted with dark pine trees. Prairie grasses bend and twist in the ever-present wind and mingle with the brilliant reds and muted browns that make up much of the clay-heavy soil. Roosevelt is known to have cited his time in North Dakota as being the reason he fell in love with the outdoors and set him on the path to becoming President.

It is this same North Dakota landscape that was Nick Ybarra’s first love.

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Museum offers classes for preschool children
January 16, 2018
The Pioneer Museum in Watford City is a place where people can learn about the past , but the museum is now taking on the future.
The museum's Tater Tots program recently received a grant from the McKenzie County Community Foundation.
The program will use the money to create sensory activity classes , which help develop motor skills for preschool children.

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County Correctional Facility 100% compliant
January 2, 2018
It was determined that the McKenzie County Correctional Facility was 100% compliant with the 107 ND Correctional Facility Standards and applicable state and federal law.

The McKenzie County Correctional Facility was commended for the high level of cooperation shown during the inspection as well as for the facility’s leadership, dedication and enthusiasm combined with staff teamwork.

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Watford's new dog park a special treat
December 20, 2017
When the oil boom hit Watford City, workers didn't just bring their families - they also brought their pets, and now those furry critters have their own playground thanks to a very generous donation.

Watford City resident and businessman, Robin Greenhagen, isn't Santa Claus, but to pet lovers in Watford City he might as well be. He made their wish finally come true.

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December Monthly Economic Dev. Newsletter
December 20, 2017
What's happened in Watford City this December?
Moving back, new businesses, dog park, Rural Leadership and more.

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Firearms Facility Overlay District Hearing
November 1, 2017
McKenzie County Planning and Zoning will conduct a public hearing requesting comments for a Firearms Facility Overlay District

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McKenzie County Skills Initiative Reception
October 30, 2017
Reception to Highlight Career- Workforce- and Business-Development Efforts in McKenzie County

An informational reception for the McKenzie County Skills Initiative will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 from 5-7pm at the Rough Rider Center. Seeking to respond to the changing workforce needs, the McKenzie County Job Development Authority brought together various institutions that provide training opportunities into the newly-formed McKenzie County Skills Initiative

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McKenzie County Housing Authority Has Two Openings
October 19, 2017
McKenzie County Housing Authority has openings for two board members!

Serve your community now, and provide a vision for the future!

The Housing Authority Administers federal rental assistance programs and affordable apartments for low income families, elderly residents and persons with disabilities.
Meets the First Thursday of Every Month at 12:00 pm.

Contact Auditor Erica Johnsrud to apply

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October Updates from County Economic Development
October 13, 2017
Jeopardy! contestant; Comedy Cafe; Taxable sales up--all that and more in this month's update from economic development

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October updates from Economic Development
October 13, 2017
Jeopardy! contestant; Comedy Cafe; Taxable sales up--all that and more in this month's update from economic development!

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We are currently 4th generation ranchers here. It's a fun lifestyle for all of us. We know this is a growing place and my children will have more opportunities because of all that has happened here.

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