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2017 Chamber Events

2017 Chamber Events
January 1 - December 31, 2017

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U of M Course-Benedict: Yesterday & Today

U of M Course-Benedict: Yesterday & Today
October 9 - November 10, 2017
Oct. 9- Nov. 10
CTH 234 Benedict: Yesterday and Today
*This liberal arts course is required of anyone seeking a degree with U Mary
Examines the influence of St. Benedict and Benedictines on Church, history, and various facets of human thought and culture. Monasticism’s significance as a resource for ongoing spiritual renewal in the Church and culture.
3 semester credits
Instructor: Fr. Brian Gross

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Growing Leaders Short Course

Growing Leaders Short Course
October 10 - December 5, 2017
The purpose of the Growing Leaders Short Course is to provide leadership development to citizens across western North Dakota. As the population and economy fluctuates, leaders (current and new) will be needed to help citizens navigate the changes in communities, businesses, farms and ranches. Your investment in the short course will lead to a better understanding of yourself and others; helping you deal with the changes that are taking place.
Participants will work on an issue or project of their choice individually or in a group.

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In Watford I got to go to my first National Park. I made some friends and we went to the badlands and saw things we never heard of before like jackrabbits and mule deer. In my opinion Watford is the best city ever!

~ Justice C Staton-Grade 5

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